Razor Wire

Raser Wire:

Razor wire is our featured product for security protection of the building and houses. First, galvanized steel coils and steel wire are prepared and refined. Then, this galvanized steel coils to barbed tape. After cutting, razor barbed tape tightly ridge and folded around the steel wire forming razor wire. These wires include barbed wire fence which is getting popular now a day for security purposes of the buildings, schools, offices, and large industries, etc.

Razor wire barbed wire occasionally suborns as bobbed wire, is a type of steel wire for fencing purposes, constructed with sharp edges or points arranged at intervals along the strands. Wire fences are cheaper and easier to erect than their alternate wires.

Razor Wire Fence Manufacturers:

In Pakistan razor wire fence manufacturers includes Narada and Dahua enterprise and also other companies are making these fences. Then these wires are delivered to different security companies in the whole of Pakistan. And so, Secure Linx Electronic Security Solution is one of razor wire fence manufacturers in Lahore Pakistan.

Razor Wire Installation:

So on, Razorwire made up of folding steels and making the pointing edges. Razer includes a series that includes wire like

  • Single loop razor wire
  • Concertina razor wire
  • Flat razor wire
  • Welded razor wire (razor mesh)

All the razor wire installation cost is different regarding their length, thickness and blade style.

For razor wire services in Lahore, Secure Linx electronic security solution is working really hard and looking forward to making houses and other buildings of people secure and protective. Not only providing their services in Lahore but also in other areas of Pakistan. Contact us for security solutions for home and business.

Barbed Wire Fence – Razor Wire Services In Lahore

Security and privacy are obviously related and are two sides of the same coin. You can’t have privacy without security and security without privacy. Security is the topic that rises in popularity in recent age. Hence, its a surprise for people who want security and privacy at the same time.

Secure Linx Electronic Security Solution is providing its services with the following products like CCTV cameras, Burglar Alarm system, Razorwire fences, and house security alarms, etc.

Secure Linx is a company that provides security solutions and their services in Lahore and also other areas of Pakistan. Hence, this company is concerning themselves with the security and privacy issues of the people. Our vision is to be the top expert security leader in the security industry by exceeding our customers’ potentials.

Company Services:

Secure Linx electronic security solution adheres to a code of morals. It is our religion to follow this code swiftly and gracefully. These Morals include the Following:

  • Providing high-quality products and services
  • To provide flawless service
  • Efficiently develop the structures
  • Providing our customers and clients with better products through innovation
  • To always maintain our positive reputation
  • Developing healthy supplier-customer relationships for the betterment of future prospects and services

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