Fire Rated Doors

Fire-rated doors are specially designed for a business level. These doors are still manufacturing by highly experienced engineer’s team. SecureLinx provides fire-rated doors in Pakistan which are best suitable to protect commercial plazas in case of increase of fire. Our fire-rated doors are first tested and then thrown in the market for use.

The fire-rated doors are made up of animating steel sheet and a brand core material. That door is providing augmentation for door lock, hinges and door closing. Securelinx is the only steel doors manufacturers in Pakistan who has the facility to test fire-rated doors.

Fire Rated Wood Doors

Fire-rated wood doors control the increasing of fire and smoke for up to 2 hours ( 60minutes). That wood doors are available in a variety of decorative layer, with best styles and sizes. Moreover, the use of fire-rated wood doors are on main openings from corridors to offices. That doors also use in wardrobe, storage rooms, stairs, mechanical rooms.

Securelinx has a variety of wood appearance to choose from as well as fire-rated glass. We offer a single 60-minute fire rated wood door made of core materials. These doors are suitable for room partition openings.

Fire Rated Glass Doors

Securelinx gives fire-rated glass products to allow you the inspiring fire-rated design like never before. Our company provides different services regarding fire-rated doors. Fire-rated doors provide clock protects to ensure people can safely leave a building at the time of a fire. When they can’t know the limit of fire they serve as a door pathway where they move safely outside from building. However, fire-rated glass doors have a number of limitations. That door offers only fire protection, they just stop the spreading of flames and smoke.

Double Fire Doors

Double fire door system ensures that the door will shut down in the case of fire. Moreover, we give protection for the lives of people and it reduces material damaging. Securelinx not just provides services about fire-rated doors but also provide customers with proper installation and provide all relevant maintenance services at best prices.

Our professional and fitting team have the ability to provide our customers with the best service and quality fire doors. Moreover, we provide double fire doors with the best industry regulations. You can trust our security regarding the protection and knowledgeable service that we provide here in Securelinx.

Fire Rated Steel Door

We inform you that if you want to review the fire doors to work correctly you should be part of our maintenance programme. The period of time between maintenance needs totally depends upon the building type, size, and use. Fire rated steel doors play an important role by keeping people safe and minimizing property damage during a fire.

Moreover, fire-rated doors control the increasing of fire and smoke for up to 3.5 hours. The fire-rated steel door is the single door material to deliver a 3-hour fire-rating. A fire-rated steel door is a link with the proper fire-resistant fittings.

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