Public Address System

This is a system containing buffers, microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, etc. It apparently increases the volume of a human voice, musical instrument. Public Address System is used in any public venue. Moreover, that systems gives an address on bigger places in which announcer, performer, etc, are involved.

Securelinx provides this system which is used in sports stadiums, public transportation vehicles, and recorded music venues. Hence, this system may include several microphones or other sound equipment. The amplifier converts small voice into a large voice. Mostly, the public address system is available in wide distribution.

Portable Public Address System

We use portable public address systems to address groups of people during sale confirmations. Additionally,  we also use these systems in presentations and meetings, or an exhibition or outdoor event. Portable public address system mostly comes with a microphone or wireless radio mic. Moreover, you can play music by inserting USB, CD player or you can also use an extra option which is the SD card.

We use portable address systems for exercise & dance classes in schools, colleges, and recreation centres. We can also access that public address system in mobile. Moreover, we also operate volume high or low as well as on/off the speaker button. Therefore, we change the speed of music as well as alter the tone in dance purposes.

Small Public Address System

Securelinx also provides a small public address system which is an extreme use for conference hall. Mostly, small public address system provides the best quality sound systems. Therefore, they give the correct layout of the loudspeakers. If we want a comfortable audio environment in a room, then a small address system is the best approach. Moreover, these systems are mostly used in homes and offices.

The best operator is available in the city who works in a better way. After installing that address system by an operator you can’t change more adjustments in the address system.

Public Address System Components

When we addressing to large gathering people, the amplifiers are essential so that people can listen to voice comfortably. Several components are available in those systems.

  • Microphones:

The microphone is the first component of any public address system.  In the case of a microphone, large sound pressure converts to low sound.

  • Cables & Wires:

Most microphones are 3-pin connector cables. In this case, the cable connects to the microphone on one end and the input of the mixer on the other end.

  • Mixers:

Mixers allow different sound equipment so they can play on the same loudspeakers. Sound equipment such as MP3 players can be plugging directly into the inputs.

Public Address System Services

We provide services to various places like schools, colleges, and other hall places. This is the perfect way to deliver a message on the public address system and reach everyone in location for receiving information. Contact us for portable public address system components and small public address system services. We are offering reasonable and affordable services in Lahore Pakistan.

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