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Wanted a glass window installation services in Lahore Pakistan? Don’t go anywhere you are in the right place! Our professionals have a capacity for your home and office Glass Window Installation/repair services. Home services Lahore can handle any type of glass window installation.
We can install glass sliding doors, shower cabins, partitions, doors, windows, and much more. Our glass and window installation use tempered and frosty for anti shattered films. Our handyman has the tendency to maintenance & repair services that cowl Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, and HVAC work. Please see our costs page for a full list of our services.
glass window installation

We can help you with the Glass and Window Installation services:

Service Details Amount including parts
12mm glass without tempering for partitions (installation + materials) 500 per foot
12mm glass door without tempering with accessories such as door handle, lock, machine and aluminium frame on foot (installation + materials) 650 per foot
Tempering / Toughened Glass (makes standard glass 3 to 4 times stronger than untreated glass) 130 per foot plus price of glass
Decorative & Privacy Film for Glass placed on glass for privacy or aesthetics (installation + materials) Starting at 80 per foot
Anti-Shatter Safety Films Armorcoat, LLumar, 3M and local brands available. Different sizes such as 4 Mil (100 microns), 7 Mil (175 microns), 8 Mil (200 microns), 14 Mil (350 microns) are also available Call for Price
Aluminium Windows  Call for Price
UPVC Windows Call for Price
Building & Facade Cleaning using suspended lift platform and tucker pole system to clean facade & windows See Cleaning Services

Additional Info:

a. For Non-Member clients, minimum order charges are Rs. 500. If your order is less than Rs. 500, you will be billed Rs. 500.

b. For Non-Member clients residing, minimum order charges are Rs. 800. If your order is less than Rs. 800, you will be billed Rs. 800.

c. Minimum charges do not apply to Members.

d. Corporate & Residential Member clients are additionally given free visits as well as exclusive discounts. Please get in touch with us to discuss Memberships further.

e. The rates above are for the Labour / Services on per item basis only, and they do not include the price for parts.

f. Quotations through the phone and email are free.

g. We also provide construction and renovation services at special prices.

h. If there is some job you can’t find in the price list above, please call us and we’ll gladly give you a quote.

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