7kW Solar System

Pakistan is facing energy crises since its development. Due to which, people have to face a lot of the problem in summers. The high temperature and the intense heat of summers have caused people to install 7kW Solar System. This solar System in Multan will not only give renewable forms of energy. But also reduces your electricity bills to zero. Moreover, you will get consistent and unobstructed electricity through a 7KW Off Grid Solar Power System. 

The payback period of the 7kW Solar System

A high-quality solar system will pay itself back in 2 to 4 years. If you want to increase the payback period of the solar system. Then use more energy than this system generates and transfer less to the grid. If you are utilizing as much of the power your system generates then you will get the return on investment in no time. So, why are wasting your time? Check the 7kw solar energy system price in Pakistan so that you can also install your system.

7kW solar system,
7kW solar system,

Parts of 7kW Solar Panel Installation Kit:

  • The solar panel of 23* 310W and one 60-cell monocrystalline panels with 25 years warranty. 
  • Microinverters 
  • It consists of top-notch quality iron ridge racking that will attach the solar system to your roof.
  • You can also examine the energy production of your solar system with the help of system monitoring.
  • Our highly expert workers and technicians will set down this solar system on your roof. We will also calculate the payback period of your solar system so that you can estimate its energy production.

Many people are interested in the 7kw solar energy system price in Pakistan so that they can install their system. But before that, take into account the parts of the 7kw solar system. When any customer is getting services from us, we do not comprise on the quality. We believe in the satisfaction of our customers. So, check the Home solar system price in Pakistan so that you can install your system. 

Size and Energy of 7kW Solar System

A 7-kW solar system consists of 21 to 28 solar panels. This Solar System in Lahore will cover 34 to 35 square meters of space. Because the normal size of each solar plate is 1.6m * 1m. 

The energy you will get from the 7 kW system depends on your daily energy utilization and the energy you send back to the grid. You will save around $300 to $450 through a fully functional 7kW Solar Panel Installation Kit. The important point is that a high-quality Solar System in Multan will give you more savings as compared to the cheap solar panel. 

7kW solar system,
Energy generated by 7kW solar system

A 7kw solar system yields approximately 450 to 1200 kilowatt of alternating current if the solar plates five hours of direct sunlight. This energy is equal to the average electricity consumption of a home. Hence the installation of a 7kw solar panel will minimize your electricity bills. We recommend our customers install the solar system according to their monthly energy consumption. You can find the actual kWh used in a month with the help of your utility bills. Afterwards, compare this used kWh with the kWh generated by the 7kw solar system. And then you can find your monthly energy consumption. for quick information, you can contact us and visit us through Google Maps.

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