Carpenter services in Lahore

Wanted to make wooden tables and tables for Home or Office? We are providing Carpenter services in Lahore. Carpenter services are done by our skilled and professional partners and servicemen. We have qualified professionals they can make new designs, offices and can maintain them. so if you want furniture for building, new home, office or upgrading/repairing furniture, Our professional handyman can make new furniture like tables, chair, cupboard, wooden walls, catalogs etc.  The carpenter handyman is ready to serve you. We charge at very cheap and competitive prices. We are also offering Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC Services. Please visit our website and watch Prices page for a full list of our handyman services details.

carpenter services

We can help you with the following services:

Services Details Rate
Gas Refilling – Refrigerator /Deep Freezer/Fridge  (Honeywell USA Gas Guaranteed) 2,000
Regular AC gas refilling (Honeywell R2 USA Gas Guaranteed) 2,000
Inverter AC Gass refilling(Honeywell R410 USA Gas Guaranteed) 2,500
Central Cooling System, Commercial Chiller Service, & HVAC (We also provide Maintenance and repair services) Call for Price
Split Unit Installation (10 feet piping installation is free) 2,000
Standing Floor Unit Installation 3,500
Piping/Foot Labour (10 feet installation is complimentary) 100 per ft
AC Removal (in case of  changing & shifting) 1,000
Repairing of PCB card(up to 1 to 2 ton AC) 2,500
Service and cleaning of AC 2,000
Service and Cleaning (Normal) 1,000
Standing Units and Service Cassette 4,000

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Carpenter services will be provided by our partners. New paint for a fresh wall that has never been painted before and requires wall putty & scraping with sandpaper.

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