5kW Solar System

5kW solar system is very successful in Pakistan as it is ideal for a family. 5kW solar system efficiently fulfils the power consumption of a home. That’s why people are so curious about the 5kW solar system price in Pakistan. 5 KW solar system is frequently sold in Pakistan because it perfectly meets the household demands of a family.

Moreover, it decreases the electricity bills and provides you with smooth electricity throughout the day. Therefore, if you are looking for solar panel installation services in Lahore & Multan do contact us. Home Services Lahore Is offering you the best and affordable Solar Kw in Pakistan.

5kW Solar System,

Space required for the 5kW Solar Panel Installation!!!

The normal size of solar plates is approximately 3.5 feet crosswise to 7 feet, which is equal to 24.5 square feet. So, the average 5 KW solar panel will cover twenty-five to thirty-five meters of roof space. This Solar Kw in Pakistan usually consists of 15 to 20 plates. The size of these plates varies according to the wattage of the panel and how these plates are placed.

5kW solar system,

How much weight a 5 KW solar system can carry?

The potential output of a solar system varies due to the above-mentioned factors. Sometimes, these factors decrease or increase the output power. However, you can use the following devices with the help of a 5KW solar system.

  • One HP motor
  • One fridge
  • 19 LED lights
  • 5-ton inverter air conditioner
  • A water dispenser
  • An LCD TV
  • 5 fans

Types of solar plates in 5 KW System:

Various types of plates are used in the solar system. When you have installed wattage plates then you require less panel. The reason is that the wattage plates yield more power thus you need to install few plates. However, the price of the plates will increase according to their efficiency. If the plates are strong and efficient then their price will be high. Some clients confuse this factor but our highly experienced workers thoroughly guide. They suggest the use of efficient and strong plates as it will yield more power and it is long-lasting as well. No doubt, these Plates will cost you high but it’s worth the price.

Power output of a 5 KW Solar System!

The power output of a solar panel depends on various factors. These factors include:

  • Operating temperature of the solar panel
  • Additionally, Orientation and angle of the solar plates
  • And Operating temperature of the solar system
  • Amount of sunlight that solar plates receive
  • Working and efficiency of the individual component of the solar system. It includes the performance of solar plates and invertor
  • The geographical location of the solar panel
5kW solar system in multan,

Although, the above factors greatly influence the performance of a 5KW solar panel. However, in the presence of intense sunlight and effective 5kW Solar Panel Installation, it will generate 3500 kWh in one hour. In five hours, this system will yield 17.5 KWH. Hence, 5kW Solar Panel Installation Multan will meet most of the power demands of a home. That’s why this system is frequently used in Pakistan.

The Cost & average payback period

Our best quality 5 KW solar system will offer more return on investment (ROI) in 2 to 4 years. However, we suggest consuming more solar power during the sunlight and less during the night. It will pay back the price of the system. So, please choose us whenever you are getting 5kW Solar Panel Installation services. We are offering reliable services at affordable prices in Pakistan. You can contact us and visit us on Google Maps.

5kW solar system,

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