All Type of Automation

All type of automation you can use in lighting and appliances which are available in offices and homes. You can view your smart home, office, or any business location from anywhere in the world. However, you can get real-time alerts on your apple/ android mobile.

Securelinx provides all type of automation services including famous voice assistant. You can connect with Google home assistant for automatic voice control. Many types of automation are used in different websites but Securelinx provides best services for all types of automation.

Types Of Automatic Machines

Securelinx provides a full range of products and gives support for automation integration and control applications. Moreover, our extraordinary experience and expertise show properly engineered in all types of automation. So that Industrial and Home controlling systems gives results up to customer satisfaction.

Hence, Securelinx design security control systems based on solutions. We also deal in fire-rated doors. Furthermore, our custom designing and installation experts would fully match business requirements by a complete range of solution from a vendor. We also implemented a new design or maintaining an existing system.

Types Of Automation System

Smart lightning

There are many manufacturers who are using the most advanced automation technology. It also makes sure that smart lighting is truly efficient. Moreover, the sensors control automatic switching of the entire lighting system including reception, hall area, corridors, etc.

Fire protection

Fire protection gives service to organizations through the installing of smart safety sensors. Therefore, these sensors are installed in all fire &water sensitive areas as well as also in security zones.

Video monitoring

You can monitor your business by watching CCTV cameras, even when you are at outside. We make a network operation centre in which you can watch models like monitor screens, TVs and tablets, etc.

Electronic devices automation

You can watch your office electronics to create professional systems or control them individually. Electronics like air- conditioners, hardware, computer,  photocopy machines, water dispensers, TVs, etc.

Integrate Alarm System

This alarm system is committing to provide your business with premium quality security and protect from financial loss.

Facility protection

With the increasing security threats, businesses need to protect their facility from internal damage. These factors put great pressure on industries to take all possible safety measure for security.

Climate Control

Climate control creates a huge impact on the business type environment. That climate control is increasing day by day where customers come, associating a certain overview and also brand position.

Event video Surveillance

Securelinx system extends also video support to your business security with the provision of camera recording, along with system alerts and human snapshot facility.

Security Gates Automation

Entry and exit gates automation helps to elevate the security. With slight work, your business can have a superior security gate system providing safe automatic control for pedestrians.

Energy Conservation

With the optimization of a lighting system and power devices, we also provide a cost-effective approach and make most of the electricity.

Water Management

Water management provides support facility by resolving core issues of high leakage and unnecessary usages of distributing water.

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